MMCC Locations

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Rodman Road, Auburn

Site Director: Michelle Hathaway

Our Rodman Road location provides services to children ages 18 months to 14 years in our pre-k to eight grade program. Our spacious facility has wings designated to different age groups, allowing us to provide developmentally appropriate spaces and classrooms for our children to thrive in!

Charles Street, Auburn

Site Directors: Russell Brown & Robyn Gray

Our Charles Street facility is a small program designed to meet the needs of K-8th grade students. This program is designed to provide very quiet learning environments, designed to maximize communication and functional life skills development for children most significantly impacted by developmental disabilities.

Minot Avenue, Auburn

Site Director: Sheena Haley

Our Minot Avenue program is an infant/toddler childcare facility open to employees of MMCC. Our “baby center” offers inclusive opportunities as appropriate for our youngest students and is a child care center of excellence for our employee’s children!

Memorial Ave.

Site Directors: Sara Turgeon and Jenny Lowell

Memorial Ave. provides High School students a comprehensive high school experience. Students participate in a range of activities and instruction daily to increase their academic skill, social skills, pre-vocational skills and independent living skills. Many students are supported by MMCC personnel to participate in courses or activities within their local high schools, preparing to transition back to their sending districts.

Main Street, Lewiston

Site Director: Kim Labbe-Poisson

Our Main St. location serves K-8 students with supportive programs for mental health as well as social and emotional health.

Industrial Drive, Saco

Site Director: Nicole Heal

Our Saco facility provides a comprehensive educational opportunity for students ages 18 months to grade 12. Our newest facility, Saco was specially designed to offer different learning environments throughout the building for different student populations. Wings have been designated for pre-school, elementary school and middle/secondary school. Individual classrooms have been created to support students with emotional/behavioral needs and developmental disabilities. Students are placed in classrooms appropriate to meet their individual social, behavioral and developmental needs.

School Street, Randolph

Site Director: Mary Bentley

The Randolph location provides clinical and educational services to children, ages two years through grade six. This location, a former elementary school, provides students with spacious classrooms, a full-sized gym and a large playground. This location, sandwiched between Gardiner and Augusta, is minutes away from both 295/95.